Animal lovers are up in arms (fins) over a video posted by the Instagram account Total Frat Move on Saturday. In the clip, some frat boys chillaxing hard on the beach for Spring Break use a freshly-caught shark as a living pen knife to help them shotgun a beer. Take a look, and you'll understand why it's so controversial.

The shark shotgun. @tfmspringbreak

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Great abs or no, these punks are clearly engaging in animal cruelty. And the commenters of Instagram agree. They descended on these bros like a stuffy don who's heard one too many noise complaints.


Of course, some frat-loving commenters came to the bros' defense.

But one veteran partier found another reason to be angry.

What kind of monster tortures a shark just so he can shotgun a beer, and then doesn't even shotgun it well? This guy deserves whatever horrible deep-sea disease he caught from that fish's mouth.