RE: FW: CRIME EMAILS - Guys, let's be safe and plan the robbery at the diner. Woo guns.


For the CEO of one the world's most glamorous and profitable information/technology companies, Eric Schmidt is pretty dumb. If we were the FBI, the first search filter we'd come up with would be "I don't want to create a paper trail." What's this all about? Well, if you keep on top of technology news, you know there's a whole brouhaha about how Steve Jobs shared a great idea with his rich technology CEO friends: "let's not hire each other's employees away, because it will eventually raise the salaries of programmers and engineers. By keeping them indentured to a single company, we can keep them at the starting rate for 20 years." Great idea. Unfortunately, definitely not ethical and probably not legal. As you can see, however, it lasted for a long time (this email is from '05) and involved a lot of important companies. So next time you're mad about getting ripped off as a customer, remember they rip off their employees too.

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