Here's a tip for these punks: clean up your act.

The proof is in the ice cream. (Fox 2)

This past Monday was Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen. In honor of the chain's 75th anniversary, locations across the country gave a free small vanilla cone to anyone who wanted one. But for four Detroit teenagers, free ice cream just wasn't enough. For these brazen young girls, that cold soft cream had to come with some cold hard cash.

The girls pulled up to a DQ location in St. Clair Shores, MI, a Detroit suburb just south of the city. They rowdily approached the counter and demanded their free cones. But immediately after getting their treats, the girls snatched the tip jar and ran off, in full view of the staff and other customers. They were chased by franchise owner Liz Hope and her pregnant daughter, but made it to their car and got away. Instead of dividing the loot and laying low in a safe house, however, they chose to publicly brag about their crime, like a bunch of Batman villains.

Sources: Fox 2 Detroit