The City of Brotherly Love and Robot Murders

Left: HitchBot before its first journey in July of 2014. Right: Hitchbot within hours of reaching Philadelphia in July 2015.

For over a year, HitchBot travelled the world without working arms, legs, or wheels. It relied solely on human kindness to transport it and to keep its batteries charged, powering the smiling LED face, limited speech capabilities, and GPS tracker that reported to Twitter and the robot's creators where it was. It brought joy to thousands of people all over the world for a year. Then, two weeks ago, it came to America, where it brought joy to some people on the East Coast before imparting some final satisfaction to whatever depraved individuals smashed it to pieces, decapitated it, and left it for dead in a trash-strewn Philadelphia alley. It is the Cecil the Lion of the robot world.