A hotel manager has come forward on Imgur with a truly bizarre story of a couple who tried to extort him out of $500 by threatening to frame him for rape. But they didn't quite think everything through, and wound up revealing the whole scheme to the cops.

We had a customer earlier today who complained about his room, so we moved him to a different room. This is a common occurrence, normally it happens because of poor Wi-Fi reception in some rooms so we didn't think much of it. Well, the guy failed to take everything of his to his new room, namely his girlfriend who he left in the old room. I was not made aware of this until I did my rounds and checked in on the room - we always do this after a person switches rooms to make sure the room is fit to rent. But it's our slow season so everything follows a leisurely pace - which is a fancy way of saying I couldn't be bothered to check it any quicker because I didn't really care enough to...

Anyways, I opened the door and this lady is standing there - butt naked, screaming at me. So I panic and quickly - managing to get out a meek "Sorry, I'm the manager!" Then I realize that this room should be empty. So I knock on the door again. After a few minutes, she opens the door and starts to go absolutely apeshit on me. She goes on to say how she is in fear of her life and that I am a rapist. Now that last part strikes me a bit weird, this is not the only time this has happened - this has happened four times under different circumstances since I've started working here, "fears of rape" were cited before and I don't exactly blame them for feeling threatened by me opening a door unexpectedly - I'm a big guy, some people get scared when they see me unexpectedly...

What struck me as odd here though was she was stated it very "matter-of-factly" not with any emotion. And then comes the big reveal, she points to a video camera in the corner. She says she was recording when I burst into the room and she's going to show the video to the police and claim that I raped her. Logically, this makes no sense - but I wasn't thinking that at the time. Obviously I didn't rape her, we didn't have sex, a recording wouldn't mean a damn thing unless it was altered heavily, and (she didn't know this) but I am the absolutely most flaming of homosexuals. So I panic a bit and she adds to her rant "We can just avoid all of this if you give me $500."


And now the panic drains from me. This isn't some crazy lady who I've scared, she's just a bitch who wants money. "I don't have $500." Which is true, I fucking don't have $500. She replies "Well we have a problem then."

So I go back to the office, luckily I know better than to say anything beyond this point - although the true lunacy of what she was doing hadn't dawned on me yet. In the office, I call the non-emergency line for the police and tell them I need an officer for an issue with a customer. I've got good rapport with dispatch since I've had to call them fairly often over the years, so they sent an officer straight over.

As I'm waiting for the officer, it starts to hit me how ridiculous this whole situation is. "Is this lady just crazy?" But there's still that bit of panic because ultimately the truth doesn't matter as much as the officer's interpretation of the situation, and then all the Hollywood style revenge scenarios of cop showing up - who thinks I kinda look like the guy who killed his whole family in the 1990s, sparking him to pursue a career in law enforcement to find his family's killer. I imagine him seeing the situation, dragging me off behind the building and shooting me in the head. And here I am, in the dark place of my brain wrecked with anxiety and near tears when the officer shows up.

The buzzer rings to the office. The cop is standing outside, it's a woman. A new Hollywood scenario runs through my head, of a sex-trafficked avenger lady cop - out to stick it to the menfolk who done her wrong. More anxiety... I buzz her in and explain the situation as it happened - including the camera, the demand for $500, and the rape allegation. She says "Ok well lets go talk to the lady, lead the way." I'm walking in front of her now, Hollywood scenarios are still very active in my brain - despite her seeming completely calm and reasonable.

We get to the room and the lady says I raped her, she's in fucking tears while she's saying it - running mascara and puffy eyes. "Oh fuck" my brain says, "You're SO gonna die!" Anxiety is just climbing higher and higher, doing quick breathing exercises, realizing it makes me look absolutely guilty . Then she gets to the video camera. The cop immediately asks "You have a recording, may I see it?" She shows the cop the recording of me opening the door and her screaming, but doesn't pause the video after it. Before she realizes this, the cop has taken the camera out of her hands, pulled the camera out of the lady's reach and is watching as the recording continued. Including the part where she presumably got dressed, opened the door, and proceeded to extort me.


Lady cop has this look on her face, the "Are you fucking kidding me?" look... after a minute she makes this point clear by actually saying "Are you fucking kidding me?" Bitch-lady has no more tears, just a shocked look on her face and she realizes that mistakes have been made. Miranda rights followed, the lady was arrested for extortion. We tried to talk to her boyfriend, but he was not in the room he was supposed to move in to (My guess is that he got a general idea of the crazy he was dealing with and bolted) Lady cop is my new hero, admittedly because she didn't go all "Kill Bill vol. 2" on me. After a quick google search on the penal code, she's likely going to face 2-8 years in prison... so that's nice. After a few cigarettes I've calmed down and am ready to finish out with double-shift with optimism. Tomorrow will be a better day, or there will be another anxiety attack, who knows?


Even though women are often accused of falsifying rape allegations for personal gain, in reality that almost never happens. But rare examples like this one are pretty heinous, so it's nice that these two scammers didn't get away with it. Especially because their own boneheadedness was responsible.

Sources: Imgur