It's so specific that we wonder if he actually wants to get caught.

An Englishman was arrested Monday after he alerted police to his own stupidity via Twitter. Though his name wasn't released by police, 23-year-old Danny Austwick was likely the perp, according to The Daily Dot and based on Austwick's tweets around that time. Austwick apparently was caught by British Transport Police when he tried to sneak off the tube, and made up a story about getting robbed to get off the hook.

To his credit (kind of), he tried to warn people who fit the description he'd given:

We doubt this man has many Asian followers anymore.


She's wondering why she ever broke up with him.

But the British police didn't have to hire Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out, and soon Austwick got his comeuppance for being such a big tool:

We hope he never got his wallet back.


Tweets aren't notes you left on your refrigerator, Danny. Everyone reads them.


Austwick was arrested on charges of "perverting the course of justice," because you can't arrest someone just for being really dumb. Anyway, we hope all you criminals out there learned your lesson and now won't get caught. Or something.

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