Michael Migani doesn't think he's too old to be giving wet willies. Police disagree.

"Everyone is just going to think I touch kids! Now I'll spend the rest of my life having to explain that I only touch them in a really weird and specific way!"
(via Shelton Police Dept)

In what will go down as the most questionable decision of his life, 34-year-old Michael Migani put his finger in his mouth and then stuck it in the ear of a 4-year-old child. This action is known to grade-school children and emotionally arrested adults as a “wet willy".

His assault on the child's personal space occurred in a business's waiting room in Shelton, Connecticut. Truthfully, we've all been there before. Waiting rooms are painfully boring and can bring out the petulant inner child in all of us. Yet, unlike Migani, we understand that god invented smartphones so that we may occupy ourselves instead of rubbing our drool on strangers.

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