23 of the weirdest, most hilarious stories to ever grace police blotters.

23 of the weirdest, most hilarious stories to ever grace police blotters.

Sure, crime is a serious problem in America and pretty much anywhere else you go, but sometimes it is OK to laugh at it when the crime in question is really, really dumb. Often the weirdest news stories aren't broadcast on national television, but are reserved for the quaint police blotters of small towns, where these bizarre crimes are committed and forgotten about within the same week. But now, thanks to the Internet, they are preserved for you to laugh at.

1. He didn't want your money, he just wanted you to smile. For a really weird reason.

2. This person was convinced their neighbor was a pizza thief.

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3. This suspicious car had a pretty good reason why it was being suspicious.

4. This police blotter includes directions. Really in-depth directions.

5. This was a case of mistaken identity.


6. It's probably time for this guy to sober up.

7. There must be more to this story, right? No? That's it?

8. It's the most miserable time of the year.

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9. A very petty crime, but a crime nonetheless.


10. If you are ever curious as to where your tax dollars are going.

11. Cat's out of the bag and into "time out."

12. Sometimes the police are simply not helpful.

13. It was a morbid proposal.


14. She called the police, but what she really needed was a wingman.

15. That escalated quickly.

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16. Blackhawk down.

17. Whoever wrote that police report is definitely a quack.


18. You can't arrest moose for just being moose. Actually, you probably can't arrest a moose at all; those things could mess you up.

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19. Kids and their phones and their furniture throwing these days.

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20. Wait, did she change her mind about calling the police or getting hit with a banana?

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21. She still got $40.00.


22. Well, he said he'd be back.

23. Usually police get involved it is because of something scary, but not like this.