The police department in Marietta, Georgia, have taken to Facebook to mock a seriously dumb criminal for making their lives too easy.

These cops apparently got into police work for some sort of epic Catch Me If You Can lifestyle, but have instead settled for that of a 17-year-old, writing sarcastic Facebook posts and racking up the likes.

"A request to the gentleman who shoplifted from one of our local pawn shops today," wrote the police to a man who allegedly lifted a $200 military knife.


Sir, you must have forgot that you gave the clerk your driver's license with ALL of your personal information as well as providing him with your fingerprint when completing the pawn ticket before you stole from him which, by the way, was also all on camera.

The cops seem to give this guy a lot of credit—assuming he's both coherent and perceptive enough to consider the consequences before making a desperate swipe for the knife. In all honesty, this guy's probably not well. But hey, keep roasting him!

"Please at least try to hide," the cops continued, encouraging a police chase. "The judge has already signed the warrant. When you make it this easy it takes all the fun out of chasing bad guys!"


Clearly, the authorities caught this guy, and they followed up with another Facebook post:

Fortunately (for us) he turned out to be just as bad at hide & seek as he is at stealing. He was picked up by our Morning Watch Officers after a search, it was quite short.... We also found all of his drugs and the stolen property he took from the pawn shop! He is currently being watched over by the Deputies at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center!