Meth: not even once to kill someone who probably deserves it.

Well, we guess the Internet finally isn't a place of total innocence anymore. The above picture is from the popular Confession Bear meme on Reddit. Usually the Confession Bear is only used for such mentally-taxing confessions such as "If I fart in the elevator, I make a face like I'm disgusted and grimace at whomever else is there." Last Saturday, however, a certain Naratto posted this extremely morbid and perhaps self-implicating bear.

Being the Internet, every aspect of Naratto's true identity was posted online almost immediately by other Redditors and he was reported to the FBI. Being the Internet, he insisted it was only a joke with "some truth" to it. (A tip for anyone who accidentally admits to murder: don't use the words "some truth" when you're backtracking.) Hopefully he'll either get arrested or it'll turn out to be a lie, because otherwise we've entered a world where people get online karma for popular murders. Hooray, the future!

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