Hopeful liquor store burglar breaks into, then out of locked storage room.

The Bellagio Liquor Store in Detroit never had a break in until two criminals took a sledgehammer to the back wall to rob the place. Smashing through concrete would turn out to be the easiest part of the plan.

The hole that was punched into the liquor store was perfectly placed behind three large pieces of plywood held in place by a heavy trash bin and a few crates of wine. With brute force and a few helpful shoves from outside, one of the burglars finally wiggles through the gap and into the storage room. The locked storage room.

Shamon Romeo, the owner of the Bellagio Liquor store, smartly locks his storage room at night just in case desperate men put a hole in his wall behind heavy equipment during off hours. The burglar scurries around the storage room, as if to find something to break down the door. Perhaps he doesn't want to bring in the sledgehammer he used to bust in the wall because it will leave scuffs.

Sources: MyFoxDetroit