What filter says "I'm a criminal mastermind"?

Dominyk Alfonseca stands accused of robbing a bank in Virginia Beach, Va. He claims, however, that he only did it so he could get more attention on Instagram, and that "everything is relative" when asked if he thinks he did anything wrong. One thing is for sure: he got some attention!

He left the bank with $150,000 and filmed the teller counting the money. Then he walked outside and into his new life as an Internet celebrity. The cops had a different take on the internet stunt, and arrested Alfonseca immediately.

Here is the video of the heist taking place:

To be fair, the note he gave to the teller wasn't necessarily threatening. It's just the context. If you went into a bank and said "I wish I had all the money in this bank!" no one would do anything. If you write "I need all the money" on some paper and slyly pass it to someone like a middle school student passing notes in class, suddenly you're a "bad guy."

If you can't ask a random bank teller for money in a note, is this country really free?
(via Instagram)

The line has been drawn in the sand. Don't do anything illegal and post it on Instagram to get followers. Go the normal route and post borderline-pornographic selfies with funny descriptions.

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