As if being arrested for meth wasn't bad enough, this is the font that the Sheriff's Department uses to report your crime on Facebook.

Lots of people will wear a shirt that says something like "D.A.R.E. to share your drugs with me" or some other barely-edgy pro-drug statement, but it takes a rare kind of cuckoo to wear a shirt that directly professes a love for America's skankiest chemical cocktail: crystal methamphetamine. Only the cream of the crop (or the purest of the batch, in this case), however, would go so far as to be involved in selling crystal while wearing an "I <3 CRYSTAL METH" shirt. That special person is Debra Delane Asher, who was arrested this week and charged (along with a Richard Jeffrey Rice, who wasn't wearing anything interesting) with possession and first-degree trafficking of a controlled substance. She was also charged and found guilty with possessing the potential to go viral online after the sheriff posted her photo to Facebook:

Sources: WKYT