It's so beautiful. Who wouldn't turn to crime just to hold it for a moment? (via WSIL 3)

Danielle Saxton, 27, needs the latest in neon animal-print fashion so badly, normal rules and laws no longer apply to her. Danielle is from West Frankfort, IL, where the law states (I may be paraphrasing here), "it's illegal to steal that incredibly bright and noticeable dress in broad daylight in front of cameras in West Frankfort's landmark fashion leader, Mortie's Boutique." 

Yet that is exactly what this rebel did, and when she got home, she then ignored the cardinal rule of mixing crime and the Internet: "if you just stole a bright and noticeable dress in broad daylight in front of cameras from West Frankfort's landmark fashion leader, Mortie's Boutique, don't take a selfie and put it on Facebook just a few hours later" 

Sources: WSIL 3 | Gawker