A graduate-student instructor (GSI) at the University of Michigan wanted to stop her students from browsing the internet when they were supposed to be paying attention. So instead of banning computers from class (impossible) or screaming and yelling (exhausting), Meg Veitch turned to that age-old staple: public shaming.

Behold, Meg Veitch's impeccable list, "Things I Noticed... Students Doing During Class."


According to the Chronicle, Veitch just jotted down what she saw on students' computers. Today's students are diverse in interests and easily distractible, so the list ended up with some rather incredible entries.

  • Sex tapes
  • Photoshopping President Trump onto muppets
  • Buying $240 worth of turtle necks

Note that we have this delightful educational artifact of 2017 because a student was on her phone, tweeting, during class:

Also note that anything on the list with a red "x" next to it is something Veitch is used to seeing on students' computers multiple times a day, every day.


Kids are the future, and the future likes to multi-task.