What happens to teenage angst when you mix it with fat-shaming homework? Let's find out.

(News 12 via HelloGiggles)

A Long Island high school teacher gave students in a fashion design class a series of course materials entitled "How Not to Look Fat." The reference pages include important high school curriculum points like:

"Busty? Good. Booty? Good. Back fat? Eh, not so good."

"Rule to live by: The softer the flesh, the chunkier the fabric should be—knits, wovens, any fabric."

"...ever see a really chubby person in some super-thin T-shirt fabric? Yeah, it's not pretty. Don't be that person."

Great job letting children know that certain parts of their bodies are officially good or bad, that "chubby" people are not allowed to wear particular types of clothes, should hide their bodies, and that they all should try their hardest to accomplish the goal of not being a fat person. If they already happen to be a fat person? Well, high school just got even more dehumanizing. One of the images even shows a crying girl who has back rolls with three arrows deeming her "SAD!" Probably true if she was in that class.

Sources: h/t HelloGiggles