After someone wrote a "bad word" on a bathroom wall, the principal of the Teague Intermediate School in Texas reportedly punished a group of fourth-grade boys by "telling them to rub the floor and then lick their fingers," according to local ABC affiliate KXXV-TV.

A furious mom of one of the students, Adrienne Acosta, raged against the school on Facebook. Her words unleashed a torrent of criticism at the school in the comments.

Answer me this Intermediate Teague since when is it ok for you to punish all fourth grade boys for something being wrote...

Posted by Adrienne Gray-Acosta on Friday, May 12, 2017

"Hell no put his ass in jail," wrote one commenter. "Wow! Teague has gotten out of control!" wrote another.

Others confirmed Acosta's account: "This is very hard to read becus [sic] my son did confirm and say it was true when the hell they start nasty shit like that... our children are not dogs?!?!???"

Here's a video account from Acosta, in an interview with KXXV-TV.


Apparently, none of the students would admit to writing the bad word in the bathroom.

"So she told them to sit down on the floor, to slap hands to each person that was next to them, to rub the floor in a frontward circular motion and then in a backward circular motion, and then to lick their finger," said Adrienne Acosta, the parent in the above video.

"It was like a nightmare," she said, of hearing of the punishment from her son. "I'm like 'are you serious.'"

Her son said, "She was standing there, watching us do it."


The adult behind the alleged incident, Vickey Little, is actually the school principal. After the incident spread on social media, parents met with the school's superintendent, who released a statement:

We met with parents who came to the Intermediate this morning and listened to their concerns. This situation is still being investigated.

Some parents told KXXV-TV that the principal admitted to administering the "finger-licking" punishment. "She did admit [it], and it shocked me, ... because we all looked up to her and we all know her, and that's not the kind of person she is," said parent Latresha Phillips.


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