A Minnesota yearbook quote about President Donald Trump is making headlines and causing controversy online. It's not hard to see why.

"I would like to behead him," wrote a sophomore student in response to the "How do you feel about [Trump]" prompt. "I do not like him."

According to the local CBS affiliate, Brainerd Public Schools released a statement regarding the quote in their high school yearbook, saying they were "unaware of the students' statements," they "do not support" or endorse them, and "the administration is currently investigating how this occurred."


Meanwhile, Scott Baio—who you might remember as one of Trump's few celebrity endorsers—shared the photo on Twitter and ignited the fury of his followers.

"This is in a high school yearbook," wrote the indignant Joanie Loves Chachi actor. He then tagged Donald Trump, the FBI, Sean Hannity, and Kellyanne Conway.

It'd surprise few to see this story lead Sean Hannity's next show on Fox. In fact, some of Baio's Twitter supporters are so angry they're calling for the student to receive a visit from the secret service.