That anus is like a clown car for dimebags!

Meet Rasoul Speight, a man who was pulled over at a traffic stop and taken into custody on some outstanding warrants where, lo and behold, he was discovered to have 100 bags of heroin ($2000 worth) sequestered inside his butthole, which according to The Smoking Gun is a new record! We aren't religious and we don't normally subscribe to intelligent design theory, but when you think about how much heroin there is in the world, and how the boundless elasticity of the human rectum makes it perfect for transporting that heroin, it gets kind hard to believe that there isn't some kind of plan to this whole nutty circus, right? We're jealous of Rasoul. The only reason we don't wear skinny jeans is you can't keep anything in the pockets. But with an anus like his, we could probably fit our wallet, keys, hell, even our iPad. Check out the full report except from The Smoking Gun below:

Sources: The Smoking Gun