He's popping and locking and about 100 pounds skinnier.

This clip started circulating about a year ago after it was uncovered on Live with Kelly and Michael. He told them then that he used to perform all around New York before he became an actor. For some reason the clip is really making the rounds this week. Maybe because it's the perfect thing to watch on Throwback Thursday?

I looked up the interview, too, so it's a double throwback if you want to spend even more time with Vin. His reaction to seeing himself is hilarious:

And he's still friends with his old breakdancing partner, Dave! It's unclear if Dave was there because they knew about this clip, but it looks like he's just rolling with Vin Diesel's posse and doing some light camera work. Men who dance together, stay together.

Sources: Eliotsands | h/t The Daily Dot