Been waiting too long for the means to express when I feel this way. (Via)

There just aren't enough emojis to properly represent the human emotional landscape yet, and we can't rely on Congress to get off their butts and remedy the problem. Thankfully, some people are taking matters into their own hands. These 100 brand new, much needed emojis were created by Avery Monsen, a comedian, illustrator, and co-author of All My Friends Are Dead (you might know him best as the frustrated contestant on 30 Rock's fake game show "Homonym").

Avery has birthed a hundred new, extremely specific emojis, conveniently cramming them all into the 6 second Vine video below. Click on the Vine to pause for a random view of emojis like "Sad Bone Saw," "Donald Trump Getting Chased By Bees," and "The Orb Knows What You Did."

Sources: Avery Monsen on Vine | Facebook