This mom fell down moments before her daughter's boyfriend proposed and they left her in the sand for it.

Whatever, Mom will be fine. You only get engaged once (hopefully) and nothing should spoil the moment, not even your elderly mother faceplanting in the dirt. Bill and Breanne and the fam were at Lake Michigan, one of the locations of the couple's first dates. According to BuzzFeed, the plan was for someone to distract Breanne so Bill could get down on one knee. Mom was not in on this plan.

Maybe Bill was so wound up and nervous about proposing that he didn't think his future mother-in-law might want to be standing on two feet without sand in her mouth during this special moment. Maybe her other daughter behind the camera was so excited that the plan was going perfectly that she thought yelling, "Look at your daughter, Ma!" was the appropriate tone to take with the prostrate body that gave her life. Maybe this mom falls down a lot and if they all dropped what they were doing every time it happens, no one would ever have a chance to get engaged. Who knows! We do know that she's okay and thrilled she'll get to watch her daughter walk down the aisle, since she missed the proposal. Said the videographer, Bridget:

Sources: Bridgett Clark | h/t BuzzFeed