Sadly, most of America would be more understanding of an affair that left behind sexy lipstick.

Part 1: The Bruce Is Loose (as in gone).

A historic TV two-night event began last night on TV. The first part of event was called “About Bruce, Part 1," and the second part airing tonight will be called, you guessed it, “About Bruce, Part 2." It's really about who Bruce refers to as "Her," however, who still remains nameless to the prying masses.

“About Bruce" will morph modern culture: reality television, regular TV, sports, music, and whatever else the kids are up to these days. Though the special is two parts, Bruce will no longer be playing two parts (in Shakespeare, men play women, but on Kardashians, a woman has been playing a man). Now the eldest lady of the house, Jenner sat down with the family and explained why she had no option but to stop performing her beloved Bruce character after 10 seasons (and 65 years) of acting like it was NBD.