Amber Rose has always been an outspoken advocate for sex positivity and not shy about showing off her body. The SlutWalk founder and LoveLine host has spoken proudly and openly about her past working as a stripper, and is quick to step up and defend herself and others against any kind of slut-shaming. As seen in her famous "Walk of NO Shame" video:


Last night, Amber made major waves on social media by posting a photo on her Instagram in which she's fully nude from the waist down. The photo caption promoted the third annual SlutWalk, and while the photo definitely garnered attention, most people weren't exactly focused on the caption.

Amber Rose Pantsless Photo

Instagram deleted the photo within a few hours for violating its nudity policy, validating the thousands of Instagram users whose first response to the picture was, "Wait, can you DO that on Instagram?" The answer is no. But you can do that on Twitter, where the photo remains up (NSFW, obviously).


Amber posted a follow-up video of her rolling her eyes on Instagram after her nude picture was deleted, this time with a feistier caption:

Twitter has pretty much lost its mind over the picture, which has been retweeted nearly 30,000 times and sparked lively debates about everything from pubic hair to feminism to this being a belated birthday message for Amber's ex Kanye West.

Many Twitter users applauded Amber's boldness (not to mention her amazing body):


The lively #bringbackthebush conversation lasted through Friday night and is still going strong today:


Others remained hopeful that Amber's picture would inspire a wave of similar poses on Instagram, and tried to get #AmberRoseChallenge to trend (so far their efforts seem to be in vain):


Amber showed her sense of humor by retweeting a few of her favorite reactions, including this gem:

And she even reposted a meme about her pubic hair on her Instagram this morning:

😂 I'm so done with ya'll Lol #baldheadscallywag #bringbackthebush 😉🤗😍

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Amber, don't ever change. And hey, in case you were wondering how her skin looks so great, she divulged her secret last year, and it's way more fun than most celebrity beauty tips.