Sex is only allowed on 'Bachelor In Paradise' now if a producer grants permission.

Sex is only allowed on 'Bachelor In Paradise' now if a producer grants permission.

Earlier this month, production on Bachelor in Paradise shut down when contestant Corinne Olympios accused fellow contestant DeMario Jackson of sexually assaulting her while she was too drunk to consent.

Production has resumed following an internal investigation conducted by Warner Brothers, who say they have found no evidence of any "misconduct" by Jackson. Seems legit! Perhaps next, we can send the producers of Bachelor in Paradise all the backlogged rape kits, and let them have at.

Anyhow, in hopes of avoiding any "misconduct" in the future, the producers have decided to put forth a few new rules for contestants. One of which, TMZ reports, is that there is to be no sex in "The Boom Boom Room" until that sex is cleared by producers. Sex in Paradise will now be a decision made between two adults and the producers of the weird dating show they are on, just as the Lord intended.

Via TMZ:

We're told before anyone can get it on, both parties must go to a producer and state that they consent. If the producer feels either party is incapable of giving consent, the producer can pull the plug.

We're told when contestants arrived over the weekend, they sat through a 2-hour meeting with lawyers and others who ran through all the rules.

And get this ... if contestants violate the rule and go right into "The Boom Boom Room," producers can barge in and stop things mid-coitus.

Other new rules, according to TMZ, include requiring contestants to hand over all their drugs, and only allowing them to have two drinks per hour, according to TMZ. Anyone from getting too wasted to consent to sex, if we are talking about two drinks an hour for multiple hours. Given the fact that producers constantly provide free alcohol, all day, to contestants in hopes of getting them drunk enough to act like idiots on camera, this restriction will likely do diddly-squat.

While it's swell that Bachelor in Paradise is trying to do some things to prevent sexual assault, this is not really how consent works, or how sexual assault works. It assumes that men who have sex with women who are clearly too drunk to consent do so by accident, because they, themselves could not determine this. It assumes that someone who is going to sexually assault another person is going to go and check with producers first, and then also go and have sex with them in the prescribed sex area. All of this seems unlikely!

This method also assumes that consent for sex will not be retracted after meeting with the producers. Which it very well could be. This pre-consent meeting could then provide cover for those who ignore a "no" in the bedroom.

Frankly, this seems more like a way for the Bachelor in Paradise producers to cover their asses and not have to halt production on the show again, rather than legitimately protect anyone from being sexually assaulted.