It's like a Make-a-Wish foundation story but without the life-threatening illness.

"We're all Foo Fighters inside." (via YouTube)

Foo Fighters frontman and self-appointed rock god Dave Grohl made a fan's night at a show in Toronto a few days ago. He spotted someone in the audience holding up a sign that said "It's my birthday, can I play drums?" Grohl took him up on his offer and invited him to the stage. The fan's name was Anthony Bifolchi and he was celebrating his 18th birthday. He wanted to play along with "Best of You," but like a rocker in his forties who uses outdated slang, Grohl told him, "That's the last one we're gonna play tonight, ding dong!" Instead, Grohl had him play along to "Big Me," a song from Foo Fighters' first album. Before the song started, Grohl warned him:

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