Leave it to Seth MacFarlane to make trans jokes before anyone can get mad at him.

Uproxx has discovered this clip from a 2009 episode of Family Guy where Stewie jokes that then-Bruce Jenner is actually "an elegant Dutch woman" who birthed Brody Jenner.

It's not necessarily a lucky guess on the part of the tank of manatees that write for Family Guy. Rumors and jokes about now-Caitlyn Jenner's transition were circling at the time. Caitlyn Jenner had undergone plastic surgery. MacFarlane and company were just jumping on the trans-joke bandwagon before it was uncool to be on it. But at least we got a really big belly-laugh out of that clip, huh? Right? I mean, it's such a funny idea that Bruce Jenner could actually be a woman instead of a man! Even after winning all those Olympic gold medals! So funny, that baby.

Sources: Uproxx