Looks like we can assume that the movie will feature a four-person team that fights ghosts.

"We starched your suits but couldn't get the ectoplasm out." (via Twitter)

Paul Feig has been slowly teasing us with details about his new Ghostbusters remake. First, he released the uniforms. Then he released the car. But all of a sudden, there was a dry spell. Luckily, an eager fan managed to snap a candid set pic of the cast in uniform, which was then posted by a Ghostbusters fan site.

What is Melissa McCarthy looking at? (via Ghostbusters News)

Kristen Wiig and Make McKinnon actually look kind of pissed. Leslie Jones looks taken aback. And Melissa McCarthy seems to have spotted a bird or something? Or perhaps...a ghost? Oooohhhh, spooookkky....

Sources: Ghostbusters News