This clip of Mulder and Scully is so small, I'm not sure Eugene Tooms could fit through it. But it's NEW.

GO ON. (via Fox on YouTube)

If you're like me and still have your X-Files fan club membership packet in your closet even though you're in your goddamn thirties, you're probably pretty stoked about the new X-Files episodes that are coming out in 2016. (Well, I'm walking a fine line between "stoked" and "please Chris Carter, make this better than the last movie.") Get that masking tape X back on your window, people, because earlier today, Fox released the first sliver of footage from the new show.

The video below is set to start playing at 32 seconds in. That's because I'm not going to tease you like Fox and make you think that you're going to see 41 seconds of new footage when 80% of the trailer is actually a montage of old episodes promoting the fact that Fox is going to play all 201 existing episodes of The X-Files before the premiere of the new ones. That's so cute, Fox! I love how bringing back one of your old shows makes you nostalgically think that people still watch TV like they did in 1998.

Sources: h/t Mashable