Remember #JurassicZoo? You should. It was great.

Basically, real zookeepers approached their animal charges with the same mystical posture as Chris Pratt used towards raptors in Jurassic World. Man, was I mega-jealous of these zookeepers. I am always pretty jealous of zookeepers, because that childhood dream of being a "zoologist" will never die, no matter how apparent it is that you hate statistical research and animal poop. But the meme above really pushed things over the edge.

Not only were the images of people taming wild creatures with nothing but a power stance very funny, it appeals to me as someone who has trouble dealing with all sorts of stuff. Decisions, conflict, expectations of others, WHAT TO WEAR. How awesome would it be if we could de-escalate our confusion and difficulties by holding up our hands in surrender/purposeful dominance?