It's ok that someone got this first. The title of "Protector of the Realm" seems to be perpetually up for grabs.

Siri is kind of like Littlefinger, though. She'll just agree with you to your face and then tell go someone else that they totally rule. (via reddit)

Redditor xcrunner11 found a very clever way to seize power for herself by programming Siri to proclaim her the one true Queen every time it talks (or sends an email). This may be a risky move, however. Lords and ladies of the Seven Kingdoms have notoriously short life spans, and it's wedding season, which is the most dangerous time of year for Westerosi rulers.

Here in the real world, this weekend will mark the 239th anniversary since America declared itself independent from "George the Third, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith." So, of course the most popular show on the most culturally influential network in our fine Republic is about the various claimants to the throne of a kingdom/empire where the notion that the realm needs a monarch of some sort is never questioned. Valar dohaeris.

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