Not for the faint of heart.

Jimmy Fallon returned to The Tonight Show last night for the first episode since he mysteriously injured his hand and had to cancel a taping. And he explained what happened—in excruciating detail.

Apparently, he accidentally tripped on a braided rug in his home and broke his fall on a counter with his hand. Which seems like a fairly typical accident, except that his wedding ring got caught on the counter and basically ripped off his finger from the inside. It's called a "ring avulsion." Fallon warns people not to Google it, a sentiment echoed by Vulture and the person sitting next to me at work. I'm going to follow that very wise-sounding advice. But according to Fallon, his finger was sideways and turned completely white. He had to have surgery and stay in the ICU for 10 days, and doesn't expect to get feeling back for 8 more weeks. Well, now I'm scared of braided rugs, counters, and marriage. Feel better, Jimmy!

Sources: Vulture