Here's Kate Hudson and her son Ryder dancing to Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen' while they wait for a flight.

How we deal with airport lounge boredom... #TrapQueen #DancingWithMyBoy #HeyWhatsUpHello #WhenYourPreTeenWantsHisOwnInstagramAndYoureLikeNoooooooo
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Even celebrities have to deal with airport boredom! However, they're lucky enough to be in fancy private lounges where they can do things like record fun dances to popular songs, far away from the masses of humanity waiting to board giant sky-buses. Even though this video reminds me that I'm not a rich, fancy air-traveler, it is really sweet. Kate is a cool mom, and not because she's trying to be a cool mom, she just is one.

Sources: Instagram