That little punk Babe would never have the guts do this.

"That won't do, pig. That won't do." (via Vulture/YouTube)

Remember when Rihanna released that crazy, kind-of-based-on-real-life, super-NSFW music video in which she kills her accountant who owes her money? Someone remixed it to clips of Miss Piggy from The Muppets, and it's perfect. As an empowered feminist pig, Miss Piggy is the perfect puppet analogue to Rihanna; and although it doesn't feature her soaked in blood at any point, it's a nice combination of her smacking Kermit around and menacingly staring at other Muppets.

The video was produced as a collaboration between Vulture and mash-up artist Mylo the Cat, and just like Mylo's other Muppets mash-ups (which include The Beastie Boys and Ol' Dirty Bastard), the clips line up perfectly with the music. I won't call you on your bluff, Miss Piggy. Now please don't hurt me.

Sources: Vulture