Are you a giant Harry Potter geek? Do you enjoy gardening? Well then! There just might be a position for you at Hogwarts. Model Hogwarts, that is.

The online role playing simulation debuted two and a half months ago on Discord, allowing participants to live their dream of attending Hogwarts, solving mysteries, dealing with magical and mystical creatures, playing for the house cup and, of course, attending classes. Which seems like some quality escapism! I think right now most of us would much rather be fighting Voldemort than dealing with the far more disturbing reality of our own he-who-must-not-be-named-but-just-to-be-clear-he-is-very-orange.

Model Hogwarts has already set up classes for Charms, Transfiguration, Astronomy, Potions, and Defense Against The Dark Arts, but they are still missing their Pomona Sprout. They're hoping to find someone who is not just enthusiastic about Harry Potter, but also knowledgeable about plants and herbs, able to create an actual lesson plan and teach classes and properly handle the mandrake roots. (At least well enough to help students pass their OWLS!)

Thus, Model Hogwarts posted a want ad over on the greenhouses subreddit:


Why are we advertising this on /r/greenhouses?

I know it may seem odd to see an post for Harry Potter roleplay on a greenhouses subreddit. But we want an Herbology Professor who is not only passionate about plants, but knows a lot about them! We also have three greenhouses in our model that need to be organized, cared for, and loved!

What this means for you as a professor?

You get to join a team of super passionate teachers who want you to succeed in whatever subject you want to teach! You get access to a castle of students (we currently have ~40 active students!) and as much creativity as you can dream of. You would teach two 30min-1 hour classes, depending on your availability and how many students sign up for your class. You get a small class size of 5-10 on average of engaged students: one class for first years and one for second years.


I would apply, but having just recently murdered an innocent thyme plant, I don't think I'm quite qualified for the position. But if you think it's your thing, you can apply here. And of course, you can always enroll at Model Hogwarts as a student!

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