Makes sense that this is the first thing we've heard about Bam since 2005.

Remember that dude from Jackass who was always punching and/or getting punched by his friends on TV everyday? Some Icelandic rappers punched him in the face for real this weekend at the Secret Solstice festival in Reykjavik, Iceland. Bam claims he was trying to get into a tent to confront his former publicist about some money he was owed. When he wasn't let in, all hell broke loose. According to Bam, he was just trying to get in touch with the publicist, but the festival's organizers claim he started harassing the female security guards. Whatever happened, a bunch of dudes starting pounding on Bam, including Icelandic rapper/real life Game of Thrones character Gísli Pálm and another Nordic rapper named Egill "Tiny" Thorarensen.

Sources: Vísir