Stephen Colbert filled in as the host of Monroe, Michigan's 'Only in Monroe' public access program, and I love it more than any late-night program I've seen in the last year.

Stephen Colbert's studio for The Late Show isn't completed yet, but he isn't letting his hosting skills languish. Instead, Colbert recently headed to Monroe, Michigan, where he filled in as host of the local public access show Only in Monroe. The regular hosts had a special engagement they had to attend — being guests on the public access show they normally host, which was now being hosted by Stephen Colbert.

I love this so much. It combines all the awkwardness of a silent, audience-less public access show with Colbert's super-sharp jokes and performance. Plus, Eminem shows up as one of the guests. It's a fantastically uncomfortable interview, and Eminem makes this face when Colbert tells him "don't drink any sewage" that might've gotten into the water during recent flooding:

Sources: h/t Digg