Now you really don't have an excuse for not following your dream.

He has a different definition of "messing around on Garage Band." (via Prince Harvey)

25-year-old Brooklyn-based rapper Prince Harvey was going through tough times. He wanted to record an album on a tight budget, but first his computer died, then his hard drive died, and then his equipment was stolen from his shared, twenty-roommate Bushwick loft. Instead of giving up like most people would have, he started recording his album in the SoHo Apple Store, making the trip from Brooklyn every weekday at 9 a.m.. He befriended two employees who helped him out, and had to deal with fire drills and angry security guards to complete the project. Four months later, he's ready to drop PHATASS, which stands for "Prince Harvey at the Apple Store: Soho."

Sources: Prince Harvey | The Daily Beast