We already know what the female Ghostbusters wear when they casually walk through New York City, but what will they wear when they're fulfilling their professional duty?

Director Paul Feig seems to be having fun tweeting out details about the new Ghosbusters movie along with cryptic-but-not-too-cryptic captions. So last night, he tweeted a picture of the new Ghostbusters uniforms with the hashtag #whatyougonnawear. The green jumpsuits with anti-ghost arm patches are extremely similar to what the original Ghostbusters wore in 1984. But, as EW notes, with "some trendy new orange lines." Is this an arm decoration spoiler? We'll have to see the movie to decide how furious to be.

This morning, Feig also shared a photo of the weapons that will be used in the stopping and capturing of ghosts. Looks like your standard proton pack. You'd think they'd have more advanced technology by now, but this just goes to show how crucial it is to allot additional funding for ghost resistance research.

Sources: EW | Paul Feig