Great news! Musicians from three bands you never want to hear again have combined into a Cerberus-like musical hellhound to haunt your aural nightmares.

Where's the fourth horseman? (via Getty Images)

Finally, there's a new summer anthem to make all the kids shout, "why, god, why?" So bring your self-loathing to the dance floor, because members of Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, and Better Than Ezra (specifically Mark McGrath, Uncle Kracker and Kevin Griffin) have created a Voltron of musical crapitude. What could they possibly sound like? Could it be an extended Uncle Kracker freestyle rap while the other guys pose around him and say things people remember from the 90s, like "grunge" and "frosted tips?" Well, I have the song embedded below, but first, I made an example Sugar Ray/Better Than Ezra/Uncle Kracker mash-up song to prepare you:

Sources: h/t FTW