The story of how one little boy lived everybody's inner-geek fantasy.

Batkid is coming to theaters in Batkid Begins!

Back in November 2013, Batkid saved Gotham City from the Riddler and the Penguin and met Lou Seal, the mascot of the San Francisco Giants. Batkid is the alias of Miles Scott, cancer survivor at just 5 years old. After being in treatment for leukemia since he was 18 months old, Miles asked the Make A Wish Foundation to become Batman.

Miles's wish is close to many people's hearts. We all want to be Batman for a day, don't we? Well, Miles made that wish. Naturally, the word spread about Miles and his perfectly-made wish and Batkid was a worldwide phenomenon and we all wept at our work desks as we followed on social media.

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