Sooooo, here's some news: XENA IS MAKING A COMEBACK TO NBC IN 2016! AIR HORN! AIR HORN!!!!

I just realized that Argo the horse is probably dead by now. (via Getty)

Let's try to keep a level head, everyone! *runs in circles for half an hour, passes out briefly, wakes up, eats a salad, cautiously approaches computer, blacks out again, comes to while writing this post*

Deep breath... According to The Hollywood Reporter, Xena: Warrior Princess is coming back to NBC. If you're a fan, you probably know that Xena was originally a spinoff of Hercules, after appearing as a love interest for Kevin Sorbo for a few episodes. Her character was so popular they decided actress Lucy Lawless could definitely carry a franchise. And f*ck yeah she could! The show aired from 1995-2001, at which point our heroine succumbed to the one ailment she'd always been able to bounce back from before: death.

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