At this point you might be asking "what is a Migaloo?" Migaloo is the world's only confirmed albino humpback whale.

What is it with white whales and their intoxicating elusiveness? Wherever there are white whales, there always seem to be obsessed dudes pursuing them. Such is the case of Migaloo, whose movements are tracked on Facebook pages and Twitter accounts by adoring fans just as devotedly as the scientists trying to track him at see. On August 10, a very white whale was spotted off the Gold Coast of Australia. "It is Migaloo," said one of his most avid trackers, chief scientist and executive director of the Pacific Whale Foundation Greg Kaufman. "It is a perfect match, based on the lateral body shots and the dorsal fin," he told Mashable.

Sources: h/t Mashable | @Migaloo1