Cuteness from the fiery pits of hell.

Don't be naive. You think that if a demonic spirit were to enter our world, it would create for itself a huge and crimson body with leathery wings, cloven hooves and a pair of massive, sharpened horns? No, of course not. You'd give it one glance and say, "Look out, there's a malicious angel of darkness over there. We'd better go the other way." That would make it difficult to effectively spread malignity and vileness.

No, demons are much smarter than that. That's why, when they arrive to tempt our souls into the clutches of Satan, they do it in the guise of something unassuming and adorable. Something that we want to invite into our homes, like the catchy music of pop singer Ariana Grande or a My Bouncin' Kitty Fur Real Friend, available now wherever children's toys are sold.

Sources: Niels Beekes | h/t Daily Dot