AAA put together this real-life after-school special to make us all realize how terrifying distracted teen drivers are. Just don't watch it while driving.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently completed a study on teen drivers and accidents where they installed dash cameras in teens' cars. What they discovered makes me want to move to some sort of reverse Logan's Run community where everyone is 20 and older. According to AAA, "The results showed that distraction was a factor in 58 percent of all crashes studied, including 89 percent of road-departure crashes and 76 percent of rear-end crashes. NHTSA previously has estimated that distraction is a factor in only 14 percent of all teen driver crashes."

The statistics are scary enough, but watching that video is effing terrifying — with the dual cameras, you can see the kids running off the road or into cars without even realizing it because they're so absorbed in their phones (or radios, or friends). According to AAA, "Researchers found that drivers manipulating their cell phone (includes calling, texting or other uses), had their eyes off the road for an average of 4.1 out of the final six seconds leading up to a crash."

Sources: AAA | h/t BoingBoing