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Woman asks if she's wrong for refusing to make entitled BIL the breakfast he wants.

Woman asks if she's wrong for refusing to make entitled BIL the breakfast he wants.


The best part of getting married? The in-laws! Said no one, ever.

When a woman was hosting her brother-in-law at their house, she was taken aback by a casual-yet-demanding request. When the issue blew up later, she wasn't sure what she had done wrong - or if she didn't anything wrong at all! Luckily, that's what Reddit's AITA forum is for.

'AITA for not making him what he wants?'

My SiL and her husband arrived last night. As we were helping them get their stuff into the guest room, her husband, who I've met like three times, said 'waffles for breakfast would be great.' I was a bit taken aback, but then I assumed it was a joke that didn't land well. We don't have a waffle iron anyway.

Lol, wow.

I made the usual eggs, beans and toast for breakfast. When SiL and her husband came in he frowned and asked where the waffles were. I said I didn't make any. He asked why. I was a touch annoyed and said this isn't a restaurant.

That's a fair response.

He said they are guests and their needs should be taken into account. Then he said he was allergic to beans. I asked why he didn't tell me he was allergic to beans. He said he told me he wanted waffles and the reason why shouldn't matter because they are guests.

The entitlement is strong with this one...

My husband jumped in and said eat eggs and toast or go get breakfast elsewhere. He left with SiL. Did I break an etiquette rule? Was I an ass?

What do you think? Should OP have at least told him that waffles weren't on the menu, or is the BIL a menace to society that must be stopped?

Unsuprisingly, the high court of Reddit was swift with their verdict, which was a unanimous NTA (Not the As*hole). Here are the top comments:

She’s met this entitled brat a total of three times and he walks in making demands that you can’t even get away with at a hotel. Even if I go stay by people I always call ahead and make arrangements in regards to food and try to offer up some thing whether I have to pay and bring the groceries or I’ll cook some of the meals the idea is to be a guest and not a pest. NTA. - SnooSuggestions2288

NTA. What universe does this person live in where he thinks this is normal at all? Hospitality is one thing but guests are also expected to be polite and gracious. I cannot imagine demanding a specific meal from a host that made 0 indication that they would be making me specialized meals. - maaya_the_bee

BIL’s mind: I’ve landed in a bed and breakfast where the valet who brought up my luggage will be taking my order for breakfast tomorrow. - sweetsundays

I’m kind of wondering if he treats his wife like that at home and figured he could do the same with another “woman of the house”. I hope he doesn’t have the “she’s here to serve me mentality.” So gross. - More-questions692

And, for better or worse, a lot of comments devolved into... this:

Don't waffle. Sounds like he left with egg on his face. Be glad he's toast.

When it comes to in-laws, some relationships grow over time, but others break fast. - bluelaw2013

It's true. I mean, that kind of behaviour isn't something you get over easy. - whatwhatoldchap

You really should sugarcoat it a little. Offer some maple syrup. - SuperFluffyVulpix

I'll spare you the rest. But the message is clear: if you want waffles, make or buy your own d*mn waffles.

Which, honestly, doesn't sound like a bad idea right now. BRB, gonna have waffles for dinner!

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