There's a Kickstarter for a fart-tracking device that claims to help reduce flatulence.

It's like Fitbit, but for farts! (via Kickstarter)

Whether you're constantly farting at inopportune times, or you just want to stop contributing so much methane gas to the atmosphere, this fart-tracking device is for you. According to Rodrigo Narciso's Kickstarter campaign, when the device is placed in close proximity to your b-hole, it measures farts and links the results to an phone app. The app takes into account what you've eaten, and tells you what foods to avoid to minimize the amount of air coming out your behind.

Alas, this dream may never come to fruition, since only $3,582 of the $180,000 goal has been pledged with just 12 hours left. Ideally farters of the world will unite in these final hours to fund this project before is dissipates like the farts it hopes to reduce.

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