Finally, a scientist has figured out the key to getting people excited about math and science: farts.

The web show PBS Space Time and host Gabe Perez-Giz are doing Very Important work. And by "doing Very Imporant work," I mean they're making videos about fart science. Well, not just fart science. Fart science in space. And pee science in space too! Look:

I want this entire picture as a decal for my car's rear window. (via PBS Space Time)

This is a pretty brilliant approach to exploring math and science — even though I am a person who likes learning about scientific things, I will totally admit that I paid more attention to these fart equations than most equations that come my way. The other Space Time episodes are worth checking out too, like this one where Gabe tries to figure out what planet Super Mario World would be:

Sources: h/t BoingBoing | PBS Space Time