You can track the spread of the gas by when Clinton switches to mouth-breathing.
(via Bob's Blitz)

Well, this pretty much sums up 16 years of American history right here. Two presidents who were never as different as they seemed, except that Clinton could hold in his farts in public, and Bush could get 51% to high five him for farting so loudly. 

Does that make sense? Who cares? George W. Bush ripped one on camera while sitting in a luxury box at the NCAA Finals between the Kentucky Wildcats and the UConn Huskies.

He and Clinton have become buds recently, and according to Laura Bush they visit each other every summer and they watch sports but don't talk about politics. So, basically, they've reverted back to being college bros (except W quit drinking and Clinton doesn't have the heart to pick up a bunch of co-eds anymore), and maybe if someone pitched them the right way we could all get a really dystopian roommate comedy out of this. They probably went out afterwards to egg that nerd Obama's house.

Sources: Bob's Blitz