The five toe'd foot wrap. (via)

The words "Socks and gloves drying in the oven at work ha" wouldn't be problem if you worked in a factory that made clay pots, or for a subway system with a toaster oven in the breakroom, but when you're employed by Subway restaurant and the oven is used to bake bread, that sentence will likely get you in trouble.

That's what happened when Alice Sykes snapped a shot of her socks and gloves drying in the oven of a Subway in Worcester, England recently and posted it to Instagram. The stunt may have gone unnoticed if it weren't for Jessica Hinton, who regularly eats there and was probably looking for information on #Worcester or #floods and spotted the #WTF photo and #freaked. After she complained, she was contacted by the store mangager who offered an apology along with vouchers for sandwiches, which might have done the trick if Hinton didn't know the bread oven was being used as a clothes dryer.

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